NOTICE: You will need to own Ethereum to use change CloudCoins to CloudCoin Ethereum Tokents. CloudCoin does not charge fees. Use this form to transfer your real CloudCoins that are in your Skywallet to CloudCoin Ethereum Token (CCE). The CCE can be traded on many major exchanges. Before this will work, you will need to install the MetaMask Browser plugin. including Bitcoin.com. This system will allow you to exchage 200 notes at a time.

250 CloudCoin

This page is down as we work to replace CCE (CloudCoin Ethereum) with CCB (CloudCoin Binance).

We have had to run an Ethereum node and this requies so much resources that the server often crashes. Unlike RAIDA, Ethereum uses all the hard drive space, CPU time, network bandwidth an a hell of a lot of electricty. We are now setting up a second server Ethereum server so if the first crashes, the second one will still work. We expect to receive the new server tomorrow (Thursday) and have it running by Friday. CCE Requires huge GAS fees to convert. CC Binance should be much more economical. We hope to have end of the year.

We are still able to turn CCE into real CloudCoins using our withdraw page.https://raida.tech/eth/withdraw.php

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Support Email: [email protected]