Working with Celebrium.

This website helps you to generate, download, view and manage Celebrium. Here you can count the number of Celebrium that has been created. You can see the highest or "top" serial number for the Celebirum and the Denominaions.

You can mint new Celebrium using this page. You can look at a list of all the Celebrium you have minted by useing the Minted link.

You can see the data that the client would download using the Client View and see the exactly how the RAIDA Celebrium serives are called using Service Standard.

Mint new Celebrium

This page allows you to create new Celebrium. This will insert new coins into the 25 RAIDA clouds coin table and add the associated meta data and image data. The meta data and the image data will be shredded into 25 stripes. These stripes will be mirrored 3 times on the RAIDA so that should RAIDA disapear, the data will not. Note: This RAIDA allows for recoreds to be inserted and read. But it does not allow records to be updated or deleted. The data you upload here is perminant.

There are eight parameters you must provide to create new Celebrium:

  1. The mint password that allows you to mint coins.
  2. The ID number that you want to assign the denomination that you will be creating. You can get this by looking the top.html page or you can have this page find it for you by entering the top service password and pressing the button below:
  3. Top Password: RAIDA ID:
  4. The first Serial Number of the Celebrium you want to create.
  5. The Title of the Celebrium that you are creating (Must be unique). The title must be no more than 255 characters.
  6. The seed that the RAIDA will use to generate your Celebrium's Authenticity Numbers. This page generates them randomly for you so you do not have to.
  7. The number of Celebrium that you want to create. This number should not be any more than 10,000.
  8. The meta data that goes along with the Celebrium. Must be in the format like the sample below. There are 21 key/value pairs seperated by equal signs. Each pair ends with a "<br>".Here is a sample of meta data. Replace this info with yours. Use the website to check your file before you upload it. Do not use any double quotes or back slashes in your metadata
  9. The jpeg image you want to upload converted into base64 coding. First, Convert your jpeg into base64 using: Then paste the base64 here. It will be shredded into 25 shreds and mirrored 3 times on the RAIDA.

Mint Form

Parameter Name Input Box
pw (Mint Password)
Can be very large. Use to create the base64 data. Once you import the data into the converter, it may take a while to convert so wait a few seconds. Also it may take about 30 seconds to paste it into the form if the image is large. So paste once and wait.
Mint Test Coins. Contact the mint service using test mode to see if it works. You can then mint for real if all is good.
Mint for Real. Click the "Mint Coins Real" button to make the coins. Then click "Download Real Celebrium" to download your new Celebrium.


RAIDA #Results
RAIDA0 Unknown
RAIDA1 Unknown
RAIDA2 Unknown
RAIDA3 Unknown
RAIDA4 Unknown
RAIDA5 Unknown
RAIDA6 Unknown
RAIDA7 Unknown
RAIDA8 Unknown
RAIDA9 Unknown
RAIDA10 Unknown
RAIDA11 Unknown
RAIDA12 Unknown
RAIDA13 Unknown
RAIDA14 Unknown
RAIDA15 Unknown
RAIDA16 Unknown